Handmade Wooden Boxes

Woodmento crafts wooden boxes for all your precious possessions. We have created a range of sizes in classic and contemporary designs to suit you and any room in your home.  From jewellery boxes – large enough for your collection and small enough for the pieces you wear and remove daily – to storage boxes for your memorabilia, treasured trinkets and even those very important papers. Using traditional and innovative techniques we meticulously turn our original illustrations and designs into unique marquetry inlays for our solid wood boxes.

Sustainably sourced hardwoods are used to make durable boxes that are designed to endure through the generations.

Traditional woodworking techniques with an emphasis on handwork ensure that each item recieves a personal touch.

Layering oils and waxes from natural sources, we achieve a high quality, tactile finish that is unmistakably luxurious.